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Parallel Lines


SEKSENDOKUZ is an architectural firm that was founded in 1997, after Ayşe Çetin completed her education at Mimar Sinan University, Department of Architecture, and has been designing highly interactive spaces in the food and beverage industry for 26 years. More than 1000 references signed by SEKSENDOKUZ, who has made a name for himself with many successful projects he has implemented at home and abroad with his professional team, are all from places such as restaurants, markets, boutique markets, cafes and bistros, where a warm relationship is established with the end consumer and fresh food is sold. is formed. SEKSENDOKUZ offers innovative, functional, competitive and highly interactive design solutions in food and beverage areas with its holistic design approach.


After years of experience, SEKSENDOKUZ will now operate not only in design but also in the field of application with a brand new structuring.


SEKSENDOKUZ, known for its many years of experience in the world of gastronomy, has entered a new structuring process with the participation of engineer-architect Ufuk Çetin, who has been working in the construction sector for 15 years. SEKSENDOKUZ, under the management of Master Architect Ayşe Çetin and Architect-Engineer Ufuk Çetin, who decided to manage the implementation side of the business with this new partnership structure as of 2024, will also be present in the field of field control and construction at the point of implementing the projects they produce.

Providing both time and economic added value to its customers and solution partners, SEKSENDOKUZ offers turnkey services from design to project implementation, from product supply to project management to the investors who enter its doors.

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Master Architect

I consider expertise in architecture important and necessary. Especially when it comes to a commercial enterprise, places with high aesthetic quality but problematic functioning cannot be tolerated. To avoid this situation, the deep knowledge and experience of the architect in the field is very important.

Architecture contains many elements that will directly affect sales. For example, preventing odor in the space, controlling the wind, food-specific lighting...

Aesthetic concerns are of course indispensable when making a design, but I think that aesthetics should be in perfect balance with functionality.

All designs in the space should serve the perfect functioning of the operation. Layouts should provide an ergonomic workspace for the staff, and the architectural design should serve the perfect functioning of the operation.

While stylish equipment selected with the latest technologies guarantees a high standard of product offering, it should not be overlooked to design a space where full hygienic cleaning is possible and the service needs of the devices can be easily met.



For more than 15 years, I have been a professional in the construction industry. Now, we are stepping into an exciting new era and bringing a breath of fresh air to the field of architecture!


With the new vision we bring to the construction world, we are now the master of not only projects but also turnkey works. We are here to produce unique and quality solutions for each project. We offer our customers the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.


Here are a few reasons to experience the privilege of working with us;


Innovative Approach: We bring a contemporary and innovative approach to our projects by closely following technological developments. We always use the latest trends and best practices in the industry.


Dynamic and Fast Working: We know the importance of time and we work quickly and efficiently to complete your projects within the specified time. We minimize time loss by proceeding carefully at every stage.


Experienced Team: With 15 years of construction experience, we have the knowledge and skills to overcome any challenge. With our professional and experienced team, we will be happy to support you at every stage of your project.


Gastronomy Sector Experience: Combining our expertise in construction with our experience in the gastronomy sector, we offer customized solutions for restaurants, cafes and other food and beverage venues. You can rely on us for designs and functional spaces that fit the concept of your venue.


If you want to turn your dreams into reality and experience a quality and innovative construction experience, contact us. With our professional team, we will be with you every step of the way.

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